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Nutritional Counseling


One of the biggest contributors to modern day illnessses is the Standard American Diet. This is commonly referred to as the SAD diet, and rightly so. Our society has often been thought to believe through media, along with faulty, overlooked, and outdated research, that certain foods are proportionally more important to our health. This can lead to overconsumption of foods that our bodies can be highly sensitive to, and some that are highly inflammatory. Having a strong background in nutritional training along with thorough understanding of what current research has shown, our doctors aim to give their patients the proper tools necessary to modify their diets and break the pattern which leads us to chronic illness. 


Standard Process


Standard Process is a unique supplement company that utilizes whole food ingredients to provide optimal nutrition to their consumers.  They believe that supplements derived from organic whole food sources are the best natural sources of vitamins. The majority of their products are grown on site on a certified organic farm (which Drs. Tim and Ashley both had the pleasure of touring while obtaining their doctorates)!  Repeated testing is performed to ensure quality and safety of their products.

Thorne Research


Thorne Research prides themselves on offering products that have the highest standards of purity and quality. While this process takes more effort than some other supplement companies, the products are ensured to be highly absorbent and a good fit for those who are highly allergic, chemically sensitive, or immunocompromised.  

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